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California driver : Out of State ticket

Your out-of-state traffic ticket can result in a point going on your California license record - see California DMV points on your license for Out-of-State Violations below.


Out of State  or Out of Town driver :

You got a ticket while visiting LOS ANGELES County

If you got a traffic ticket while visiting Los Angeles County, we can handle it for you without you ever having to come back here.

Are you an Out of State resident with an Out of State license and you got a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County and now your license is suspended? Or is this ticket preventing you from getting your license renewed? We can help clear up your license problems.

Or are you an Out of Town resident and you got a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County

Call us to speak with a Los Angeles Traffic Attorney for a free legal consultation to discuss how we can help (310) 285-1516.


Huge fine from GC Services

Out-of-State or Out-of-Town & Huge Fine from GC Services?

For a ticket you got while visiting Los Angeles

Are you from out-of-state or out-of-town and you got a letter from GC Services demanding payment of a huge fine for a traffic ticket you got while visiting Los Angeles

We can handle this in Los Angeles County for you, so you do not have to deal with GC Services or go to court at all. If you live out-of-town or out of state, we can take care of this for you so you do not have to come back to Los Angeles and we will clear up any license problems for you and fight the fines.

We deal with GC services for you and then get a court date in front of a Judge for you so we can fight the traffic ticket and the big fines they are trying to get out of you.  Call us (310) 285-1516 to speak with a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney.

See also: GC Services - How to fight the charges & fines


 Most states share and report traffic violations


One Point on your license for out-of-state tickets

Your out-of-state traffic ticket can result in a point going on your license record in the state you are from, as most states share and report traffic violations.  This applies if you are :-

  • A Californian resident and got a ticket while out-of-state
  • Or an out-of-state resident and got a ticket while in California

 See below for a list of out-of-state violations which count as one point on your California license.


The following information applies to residents of California.

California Drivers License and Out-of-state Violations

California DMV Points

Unfortunately for California residents, if you get a traffic ticket in another state, the California DMV will count that ticket on your record here in California. The DMV will put points on your California driver record for traffic convictions that you receive in other states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Under Vehicle Code Section 13363, the DMV determines whether the same violation, if committed in California, would be assessed negligent operator point count or would be grounds for suspension or revocation. Points resulting from Out­ of­ State convictions may form the basis, or part of the basis, for a DMV action against you.

Collision from Out of State

If a California driver has a collision out-of-state, it may be reported to the department through the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS), National Driver Register or out-of-state law enforcement agencies. These collisions are entered on individual records and report the date and location of the collision. When there is not enough information to determine responsibility, these collisions are not assigned points. Therefore, no action is imposed, except if the driver license is suspended or on DMV probation and the collision occurs during a suspension when there is evidence of driving while suspended. When these reports are reviewed and it is determined that the driver was responsible, had been drinking, was injured, etc. the report is then updated onto the driver's record and, if the driver was responsible, the Out of State collision adds a point to the record.


Points on your California license

For Out-of-State Violations

The following Out of State violations will be points on your Californian driver license if you are convicted of these violations:-

Out of State violations
Section One-Point Violation Section One-Point Violation
01 Speed/too fast or over speed 34 Entering/exiting from thoroughfare
03 Speed/too slow or failure to turn out 40 Illegally modified vehicle
04 Passing/illegal, improper or unsafe 45 Explosives transportation
05 Following too close 51 Equipment/unsafe, illegal or defective
06 Failure to yield right-of-way 58 Driving while impaired
07 Illegal/unsafe use or change of lanes 61 Child passenger seat restraint
08 Turns/illegal or unsafe 67 Defective headlights
09 Signaling/improper or no signal 69 Following emergency vehicle unlawfully
10 Failure to obey traffic control 70 Using vehicle for felony/aiding or abetting
11 Crossing double lines/markers/dividers 72 Erratic driving/suddenly changing speeds
12 Wrong way on one-way street 73 Fleeing scene or evading arrest by turning lights off when lights required
13 Brakes 74 Unsafe operation of a motor vehicle
14 Lights 75 Driving off road/on shoulder/on sidewalk
21 Violation of restricted license 77 No required equipment/using prohibited equipment
26 Negligent/careless/inattentive driving 86 Felony involving commercial vehicle
27 Starting or backing/illegal or unsafe 87 Felony controlled substance/commercial vehicle
28 Driving in a prohibited area 88 Speeding 15 mph plus/commercial vehicle
30 Disobedience of lawful order 91 Illegal lane change/commercial vehicle
31 Towing/improper,unsafe or illegal 92 Following too closely/commercial vehicle
32 Obstructing driver's view or interfering 93 Fatal accident violation/commercial vehicle
33 Unlawful riding on motor vehicle    


traffic ticket los angelesWe can help

Los Angeles Traffic Attorney

If you are :-

  • An out-of-town resident and got a traffic ticket while visiting Los Angeles County
  • An out-of-state resident and got a traffic ticket while visiting Los Angeles County

- we can help. We can handle it for you without you ever having to come back here.  Call to speak to a Los Angeles Traffic Attorney (310) 285-1516 for a Free Legal Consultation.

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